Model 8SFD-25 Liquid Pump

8HP Liquid Pump

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Haskel Model 8SFD-25 8HP Air-Driven Liquid Pump

Catalog literature: Liquid Pump Catalog.pdf Acrobat DC

With a nominal ratio of 25:1, the Haskel model 8SFD-25 8HP air-driven liquid pump utilizes a single to boost liquid pressures to a maximum of 3575 PSIG.

Features & Benefits:

  • Safe pneumatic operation – no heat, flame or spark risk
  • Infinitely variable cycling speed
  • Stall at pre-determined pressure to hold that pressure without consuming power
  • Problem-free stop/start applications
  • Easily automated – many modification and control options
  • Suitable for most liquids and liquefied gases
  • Alternative gas drive options available, such as sour gas, natural gas, boil off gases, or nitrogen
  • Robust, reliable, compact and easy to maintain proven design
  • No need for air line lubrication – saves costs and prevents contamination
  • Unbalanced cycling spool provides immediate response to pressure changes
  • Can be manufactured to meet ATEX, CE and NACE requirements

Technical Data:

  • Power: 8HP
  • Air Head: single
  • Max Air Pressure: 125 PSIG
  • Max cycles: 50/min.
  • Nominal ratio (“dash number”): 25:1
  • Actual area ratio: 27.5:1
  • Max outlet pressure (continuous): 3575 PSIG
  • Max outlet pressure (intermittent): 4000 PSIG
  • Displacement / cycle: 14.00 cu. in.
  • Max flow: 2660 cu. in./min.

Typical Performance Characteristics (@100 PSIG air supply pressure):

  • 2400 in3/min @ 1000 psig
  • 280 in3/min @ 2500 psig

Materials of Construction:

  • Pump section: All SS & Bronze
  • Plunger: Hard chrome-plated 15-5PH SS
  • Non-metallics: UHMWPE, Viton, PTFE, Ryton


  • Service Code 1: Petroleum-based oils, kerosene, ethylene glycol, water with 5% soluble oil.
  • Service Code 2: Plain water, diesel fuel
  • Service Code 3: N/R
  • Service Code 4: N/R
  • Service Code 5: N/R
  • Service Code 6: N/R


Repair kit information:

  • Fluid section seal kit P/N: 29916
  • Air drive seal kit P/N: 57225
  • Air valve seal kit P/N: 50881-2
  • Optional tools: 28584 (Sleeve removal tool)
  • Notes: Models manufactured before July 1999 and between January 2000 and September 2001 are equipped with the 50000 Cycling Valve and use Air Valve Seal Kit 51396-2. Models manufactured between July 1999 and December 1999 are equipped with the 50899-1 Cycling Valve and use Air Valve Seal Kit 50881, however, please contact factory to determine whether sleeves need to be updated. Models manufactured after September 2001 are equipped with the 50899-2 Cycling Valve and use Air Valve Seal Kit 50881-2.
  • Installation documents: SKIS-001