24VDC Electric Acutator for Parker Autoclave Engineers Ball Valve


Catalog literature: Ball Valve Actuators.pdf Acrobat DC


Electric operators for Parker Autoclave Engineers ball valves allow automated or remote operation. These operators can be supplied with a variety of features and options and are sized for each valve series to provide reliable and trouble-free operation.

Features / Options:

  • Interface with control systems for automated operation and monitoring
  • 120 & 220 VAC 50/60Hz or 24VDC standard
  • Explosion-proof available
  • CE mark available

Technical Data:

  • Valve series: 3BD8-EO3
  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Conduit connection: Consult Factory
  • Temp range: 0 to +160F


  • “A”: 3.00″
  • “B”: 1.50″
  • “C”: 2.00″
  • “D”: 1.00″
  • “E”: 0.53″
  • “F”: 3.00″