Sheath-type Thermocouple


Catalog literature: Accessories.pdf Acrobat DC

Sheath length: differs for each size connection for optimum tip contact with fluid stream


  • Bodies are 15-5PH stainless steel with 316SS sheath brazed into body with gold-nickel alloy brazing material
  • Aluminum terminal housing is threaded into the body for ready access to terminals
  • An o-ring seal provides moisture protection
  • Choice of iron-constantan (type “J”) or chromel-alumel (type “K”) elements

NOTE: fitting and connection components ARE NOT included in standard catalog number. For custom length sheaths (to extend through a vessel wall or cover), calculate sheath length using instructions provided in catalog.

Technical Data:

  • Pressure range: 20,000 PSIG
  • Element type: Iron (+) / Constantan (-)
  • Connection size: 1/4″
  • Connection type: SF250CX (coned-and-threaded)
  • Temp range: 0 – 1200F