Model C220A-1Q Cartridge Check Valve

0-5000 PSIG Cartridge Check Valve


Circle Seal Controls Model C220A-1Q Cartridge Check Valve

Catalog literature: Check Valves Catalog.pdf Acrobat DC

The Circle Seal Controls model C220A-1Q Cartridge Check Valve provides a precise, compact, non-leaking check valve for use as an integral part of a pneumatic or hydraulic system. The C200-series valves are designed to be placed in a simple bored hole – in air tools, sub-plate mounts, manifolds, transmissions, cylinder heads, control panels, pump housings, valve bodies, etc. Their use simplifies design and reduces external piping – cutting down on weight, size and potential leakage points.

How it Works

Features and benefits:

  • Positive sealing at any differential pressure: absolute bubble-tight in leakage tests
  • Quick opening / positive closing: even at extremely low pressure differential; opening pressures can be supplied as low as a few inches of water; the poppet closes at zero flow before the return flow starts
  • Maintenance-free dependability: the streamlined poppet and full ports offer minimum restriction to flow; the spring retainer has ample ports to allow full flow even where surge pressure forces the poppet against the stop
  • No “chatter” or “hammer”: the pulsating action of shock waves and hammer is absorbed by minor expansion and contraction of the o-ring; the use of the resilient o-ring seal, together with the careful poppet design, insures cushioned, quiet closing
  • Satisfactory performance under adverse conditions: foreign particles in the fluid stream do not prevent proper sealing; temperature variations do not affect proper functioning of the valves; can be supplied to withstand temperatures from -100 to +400F
  • Adaptable to most fluids: metallic and non-metallic parts can be supplied to withstand the action of most commonly used industrial fluids; no special wear resisting materials are required, eliminating the problems of differential expansion and electrolytic action from dissimilar metals
  • Compact, easily installed: efficient, straight-line design reduces weight and size; designed to be installed in cavities machines into the manifold or cylinder, eliminating bulky, complicated mazes of conventional valves and piping
  • Simplifies, streamlines product design: permits complete sequences of automatic operations in a small space; cuts material and component costs; reduces assembly work and speeds up production

Technical Data:

  • Operating pressure: 0 to 5,000 psig
  • Body material: Aluminum
  • Seal material: Teflon
  • Temp range: -100 to +400F
  • Durometer: N/A
  • Cracking pressure: 8 PSIG max.
  • Cv: 1.6


  • “A” dimension (length): 1.13″
  • “B” dimension (diameter): 0.746″
  • “C” dimension (diameter): 0.34″
  • “D” dimension (diameter): 0.34″
  • “E” dimension (diameter): 0.748″
  • “G” dimension (length): 0.245″
  • “H” dimension (length): 0.170″
  • “J” dimension (bore diameter): 0.750″
  • O-ring size: -113
  • Backup ring size: -113
  • Weight: 0.05 lbs


C220A-1Q Cartridge Check Valve