Model 9232B-1PP Shutoff Valve

0-150 PSIG Shutoff Valve


Circle Seal Controls Model 9232B-1PP Shutoff Valve

Catalog literature: Shutoff Valves Catalog.pdf Acrobat DC

The Circle Seal Controls model 9232B-1PP shutoff valve provides a precise, leak-proof shutoff valve with quick, easy actuation and full flow with virtually no pressure drop. For use in hydraulic, pneumatic or vacuum systems, plant air, instrumentation, inert gas, water systems, and many other applications.



  • Leak proof in vacuum or pressure service: o-ring on cylindrical face of plug prevents leakage past the inlet port
  • No stem leakage: no stem packing adjustment required; plug seal o-rings absolutely prevent external leakage
  • Minimum pressure drop: straight-through flow passage
  • Convenient ball handle: 90-degree actuation; attractive plastic ball with 400-series stainless steel roll pin; special materials available upon request
  • Effortless opening and closing: quarter-turn full open to full closed; no spring used; no adjustment necessary; very low turning torque
  • Positive position indication: position of handle instantly shows position of valve
  • Can be used for metering: by turning the handle between the full “on” and “off” positions, different amounts of flow will be achieved
  • Easy to maintain: o-ring seals virtually eliminate wear; simple repair without removing valve from the line by replacing the three o-rings

Technical Data:

  • Operating pressure: Vacuum to 150 PSIG
  • Proof pressure: 300 PSIG
  • Burst pressure: over 500 PSIG
  • Body material: Brass
  • Seal material: Viton
  • Temp range: 0 to 350F
  • Connections: 1/8″ FNPT


  • “B” dimension (depth): 0.75″
  • “C”: dimension (length): 1.62″
  • “D” dimension (height): 1.93″
  • “E” dimension (handle length): 1.37″
  • “F” dimension (hex size): 0.635″
  • “L” dimension (flow orifice): 0.187″
  • Weight: 0.23 lbs.
  • Torque: 2 in-lbs