Model 2320B-2PM Check Valve

0-5,000 PSIG Check Valve


Circle Seal Controls Model 2320B-2PM Check Valve

Catalog literature: Check Valves Catalog.pdf Acrobat DC

The Circle Seal Controls model 2320B-2PM Check Valve provides a precise, leak-proof design for high pressure systems with an exceptionally strong, one-piece body.

How it Works

Features & benefits:

  • Zero leakage: bubble-tight at normal back pressures with virtually any liquid or gas service
  • Specially designed for high pressure applications: strong one-piece body design
  • Self-cleaning: poppet design allows foreign particles to wash through the valve
  • No “chatter” or “hammer”: the pulsating action of shock waves and hammer is absorbed by the resilient o-ring, which insures cushioned, quiet closing
  • Compact, easily installed: efficient, in-line design reduces size and weight; can be mounted in any position
  • Maintenance-free dependability: no special seats requiring replacement or refacing; o-ring absorbs the shock and automatically compensates for wear

Technical Data:

  • Operating pressure: 0 to 5,000 PSIG
  • Proof pressure: 1.5X operating pressure
  • Burst pressure: 2.5:1
  • Body material: Brass
  • Seal material: Teflon
  • Connections: 1/4″ FNPT X MNPT
  • Temp range: -100 to +400F
  • Cracking pressure: 5 PSIG
  • Cv: 0.76


  • “B” dimension (hex): 0.813″
  • “C” dimension (length): 1.93″
  • “E” dimension (thread length): 0.60″
  • “F” dimension (diameter): 0.77″
  • “G” dimension (hex length): 0.41″

2320B-2PM Check Valve