Model 119A-1PP Check Valve

0-25 PSIG Check Valve


Circle Seal Controls Model 119A-1PP Check Valve

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The Circle Seal Controls model 119A-1PP Check Valve provides a precise, ultra-sensitive, leakproof design suitable for very low pressure air or other gas service where zero leakage in the check direction is required. Designed to allow flow at an absolute minimum pressure differential and to seal dead tight even with extremely low back pressure yields precise check valve operation unequaled by any other design.

How it Works

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed specifically for very low pressure applications: For applications where operating pressure and pressure drop are critical but dead-tight sealing is required.
  • Ultra-sensitive: Unique design allows flow with minimum pressure differential; cracking pressure is 4″ H2O max.
  • Positive sealing, even with extremely low back pressure: a precisely machined, knife-edge poppet positions snugly to provide zero leakage sealing even with extremely low pressures.
  • Compact, easy installation: Efficient, inline design reduces size and weight. No bleed-off connection required. Valve can be mounted in any position.

Technical Data:

  • Operating pressure: 0 to 25 psig
  • Body material: Aluminum
  • Seal material: Buna
  • Connections: 1/8″ FNPT
  • Temp range: -40 to +250F


  • “A” dimension (diameter): 0.81″
  • “B” dimension (hex): 0.81″
  • “C” dimension (length): 1.70″


119A-1PP Check Valve